Choose a Valentine’s Day Gift Based on How Long You’ve Been Dating

Valentine’s Day gifts offer the perfect opportunity for committed couples to express their deep feelings for one another. However, Valentine’s Day can be a frustrating holiday when you haven’t been dating long. When is it too soon to give a sappy Valentine’s Day gift? Have you got to give flowers and candy? When do you need to do more than simply take them out to dinner? I have a habit of getting into relationships right before the major gift-giving holidays like Valentine’s Day and have received and given my share of errors. To keep your Valentine’s Day gift from making your significant other uncomfortable, follow these recommendations for appropriate Valentine’s day gifts based on how long you’ve been dating.

1 month or less

Will she think I don’t like her if I don’t get her a Valentine’s Day gift? Will he feel like we are moving too quickly if I buy him something? This is tricky territory. I suggest steering clear of gifts altogether. Instead, use this chance to spend some time together.
Do not go anywhere too intimate, make it some place you have been before. Or, you can rent a movie (something funny) and a ton of goodies and keep at home. This says I am interested in getting to know you better even though we are not officially a couple nonetheless.

2 months

Now you can add a small gift to your day out. I would recommend filling up an inexpensive mp3 player (this one is about $10) with your favorite songs. Include a card that will let your new boyfriend/girlfriend know that you want them to get to know you better. Its a non-confrontational means to say that you want to use this Valentine’s Day for closer.

You can throw in one or two sappy love songs if you simply feel pressured by the Valentine’s Day spirit. But, be careful. A play list full of love songs says ‘pretty please don’t break up with me or that I might stalk you for the next few months’.

3 months

I personally don’t like to receive flowers as a Valentine’s Day gift. Alternatively, consider a potted plant. Include a nice card and possibly a box of Ghiradelli chocolates to boot.

4 months

Ok, things are getting pretty serous and your Valentine’s Day gift should reflect this. It’s time to stray away from generic Valentine’s Day gifts such as flowers and chocolate and give something more private. No, not lingerie private. Its still a bit to early for be-hearted boxers or Victoria’s Secret getups. By now, you should know your Valentine well enough to know his or her likes. Try for some concert tickets for the audio enthusiast, or monogrammed golf balls to the sports nut.
Do not feel compelled to literally interpret a Valentine’s Day gift. It can be whatever you know that they’ll like provided that it is accompanied by an appropriate Valentine’s Day card. But I would not spend more than 100$. Even if your loved one enjoys jewelry. Still a little too early for that.

Show your Valentine your admiration for them sticking around so long. Now you’re allowed to be as sappy as you desire. Go ahead and scribble sappy nothings in the Valentine’s Day card and do not be afraid to splurge on the gift. You may even pick up a small jewelry or saucy underpants if you would like. Think candlelight and mushy displays of feelings. If you have the feeling that this is so personal, maybe it’s time to consider that this relationship may not be the right one for you.

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