Reasons Why Some Married Women Become Unfaithful

When you are not in their shoes, you’d condemn married women having affairs and even leave your harsh judgment upon their indiscretion. But are you able to do so? They need to have reasons, whether valid or invalid, that had made them commit adultery.

The following could be reasons for all these affairs:

They wanted to take revenge for the infidelity of the husbands.

This is usually the most common reason why women become unfaithful. When their husbands betray their vows of marriage, they feel intense pain and sorrow. There’s a strong urge for revenge. They would like to get back in their spouses in the expectation of damaging them as they’ve been hurt. But of course this wouldn’t be the case.

The girls succumbing to adultery will cause a larger rift between associations and most frequently, an irreparable damage results to divorce.
They discover that the partnership is no more within their married life.

Both spouses should discuss when decisions should be made, especially important decisions. When a woman is left outside and feels she no longer things to the connection, she’ll seek that feeling of significance someplace else. She’s vulnerable to temptations from the opposite sex.
Asking the opinion of a spouse demonstrates respect for another.

Although they’re consulted with choices to be made, oftentimes they’re never given considerable attention. Husbands don’t notice anymore what their wives do.
The women’s flaws are highlighted, rather than the positive traits.

Romance no longer exists in the union.

There are no more sweet, precious minutes to cuddle and make love. They don’t want only physical closeness but also psychological and spiritual proximity. The majority of women want romance rather than sex alone.

When guys neglect this part of their unions, then girls are vulnerable to temptations. They might not have plans ahead but it might happen accidentally with other guys. They, at first, just wanted a sympathetic ear but before they know it, the connection has become a full blown affair due to their vulnerability.

This is common in marriages where true love doesn’t exist between husbands and wives.

Physical abuse.

Most often women turn to other men for security when their husbands are physically and verbally abusive. This will often lead to adultery because women find their protectors their personalities and before they know it, they’ve turned as their lovers also.

These are a few reason why married women have affairs. We shouldn’t render judgment since it’s a case to case basis wherein people do certain things for specific reasons which we aren’t conscious of.

Married women; however, must keep in mind that marriage is intended to last forever; and that marriage vows – “To love and to cherish, until death do us part” – ought to be considered sacred and a lasting bond for wives and husbands. Love ought to be nurtured like a plant for marriages to last; a little rain, some sunshine and a great deal of tender care will most surely prevent married girls from having affairs.

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